Tuesday, November 21, 2006


We have at present 100 odd media objects. Which brings us to the 3rd part of representing Durrell on the Web

1. Detailed Wikipedia article with references
2. Media repository
3. The Annotated Durrell
- for each book,
==> corroborate with facts as much as possible
==> map events out on a detailed map of the region
==> collect photos of the region of significance
==> checklist animals referenced in the book
==> decipher publishing history of the book
==> trivia repository associated with the book
==> literary allusions like names of animals
==> cross references across books resolved
==> quote songs and limericks, try and sort out links to books referred to in the text

 Photos from the Stationary Ark Posted by Picasa

 Gerald Durrell and his dog Roger, on Corfu Posted by Picasa

 Gerald Durrell Memorial Headstone, with a quote by William Beebe, under which the ashes of Durrell lie buried Posted by Picasa

 Newspaper report of the Jambo incident Posted by Picasa

 Trust themed Jersey FDCs - 1971 Posted by Picasa

 Trust themed Jersey FDCs - 1972 Posted by Picasa

 A mauritius stamp set depicting rare geckos - the one on the top right - Nactus serpeninsula durrelli - is named after Durrell Posted by Picasa

 Durrell's mentor - Theodore Stephanides in Corfu Posted by Picasa

 Durrell's biographer, Douglas Botting, in front of Durrell's library. See high res image here - http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/dc/Durrelllibrary.jpg Posted by Picasa

 Durrell and the Fon in Bafut. By Howard Sochurek, Sep 1957 Posted by Picasa

 On the verandah of the snow white villa in Corfu Posted by Picasa

 Two photos from Frank Herholdt depicting technology usage in West African villages. The shots look suspiciously set up. Taken in Bafut. Posted by Picasa

 Three beautiful shots of the zoo grounds, the manor house, and the great apes exclosure from the air. From : http://biodiv.biofac.uni-sofia.bg/pub/gallery/album157 Posted by Picasa

  Posted by Picasa

  Posted by Picasa

 Durrell in his later years Posted by Picasa

 Dodo sentinels at the gates of the manor house Posted by Picasa

 Closeup of the Durrell Statue in Jersey Zoo Posted by Picasa

 The Durrell statue with the Ruffed Lemur in the premises Posted by Picasa

 Gerald and Lee Durrell in their living room at the manor. Photo: Alamy Images Posted by Picasa

 Opening screen from the TV series "The Fantastic Flying Journey" Posted by Picasa

 Manor house and the courtyard Posted by Picasa

 Screengrab from BBC's 1987 "My Family and Other Animals" Posted by Picasa

 Datestone at the manor 2 Posted by Picasa

 Datestone at the manor 1 Posted by Picasa